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Reducing Alcohol Use

Dr Vicki Fowler has treated many individuals wishing to reduce/abstain from alcohol all over New Zealand including multiple nationalities and ethnicities in both 1-Day Workshops and Group Therapy approaches.

Contact Dr Vicki for a comprehensive assessment and evaluation and a therapeutic management plan.

Effects of excessive alcohol use

Excessive alcohol use leads to physical and psychological effects for individuals including (but not limited to) liver impairment, weight gain, mood swings, raised blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, depression and anxiety symptoms. Problem drinking affects mental health and impacts on family well-being, relationships, employment relations and a host of other factors. Obtaining effective help for your problem drinking and/or alcohol use is very useful to consider.

“Monitor Me” Alcohol Recording System

Track your alcohol consumption, the reasons why you drink, your mood state before drinking, your standard units consumed; the effect of your alcohol consumption and much more.

Fast-Track Feedback with Analysis Graphs for people wanting to reduce alcohol consumption, and/or excessive alcohol use or give up drinking completely (abstinence). Learn triggers or cues/urges that motivate your drinking and how to control them. Help for your drinking and excessive alcohol consumption is available with treatment from Dr Vicki.

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