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Encrypted Skype/Telehealth Service Also Available NZ-Wide for Clients Outside of Canterbury

The online Skyping facility provides face-to-face contact with Clients over the Internet through the encrypted Skype platform. Dr Vicki provides an online Psychology Telehealth Service for Clients in Auckland , Tauranga,  Hamilton , Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Invercargill and other New Zealand locations.

Note 1: If some Canterbury Clients  prefer Skype as the communication interface then this is available. Other Canterbury Clients are seen face-to-face at Dr Vicki’s 17 Mauger Drive, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch 8022 address).

Dr Vicki works from home and has a projector installed in the consulting room ceiling projecting onto a large cinematic screen and with a professional sound and video system. An individual Client appears to Dr Vicki as though they are in the room directly and Dr Vicki can see and hear all the “relate-able” information that assists with her therapeutic delivery.

Clients have a similar experience when they download the Skype application and use it with a Personal Computer or Lap-Top or larger screen, e.g, the television (with a connected microphone and cam-recorder). This gives Clients the opportunity to engage with Dr. Vicki across New Zealand irrespective of geography.

An initial “Skype Test” between a Client and Dr Vicki is provided “free-of-charge” to make sure that systems are compatible and operational. Skype is available as a free download from Skype (the Client simply googles and installs it and then we have the test.)

Clients pay for the Skype session (usually by Internet Banking or PayPal etc) in advance of the therapy session.

The individual charge-out rate is $150 plus GST per hour. The first session is two hours allowing for a comprehensive evaluation, assessment and clinical interview. Skype Internet costs are included in the $150 plus GST hourly rate. Follow-up sessions are generally one hour however if a Client wishes to “go over the hour” Dr Vicki’s clinical time is then charged out in quarter hour increments at the hourly $150 plus GST rate.

Dr Vicki’s hours are 11am until 9 pm (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and she looks forward to being of assistance.

Note 2

Dr Vicki does not deal with clients in crisis or emergency. Online Telehealth/Skype Counselling is not recommended for clients in crisis or emergency. If you are in a crisis or emergency situation please contact your local Emergency Services. Additional information on this website regarding crisis or emergency can be obtained from the “Clients in Crisis” section in the Pricing section (5th page down).

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