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Client Results Background

Dr Vicki Fowler was the Consultant Therapist for all Woodlands Trust Gambler and Family/Affected/Other clients since 1999. During this time period Dr Vicki has also treated people recovering from a variety of other addictions in both One-Day Workshops and Group Therapy approaches.

From 2004 Woodlands Trust was contracted by the Ministry of Health (MoH) New Zealand after it assumed responsibility for the Integrated Problem Gambling Strategy delivered in The Gambling Act 2003 (New Zealand). From 2006 until December 2017 Woodlands Trust provided One-Day Workshops (on our own unique contract specifications with the Ministry) and we also provided a unique Group Therapy approach by operating a mobile service delivery across New Zealand. Since 2010 Woodlands Trust primarily treated Gamblers and Family/Affected/Others that were affected by someone else’s gambling. The following statistical analyses represent data of treatment effectiveness for Gamblers only on both our One-Day Workshops and Group Therapy approaches. For the reader’s reference Woodlands Trust contractual requirements with the Ministry 2010 until December 2017 were to:


  1. Complete a minimum of five One-Day Workshops (per annum) across New Zealand and to have a minimum of 135 Clients across these One-Day Workshops (per annum);
  2. To complete a minimum of 1080 counselling hours per year under an historical “agreed to customary accounting practice” agreed to between the Ministry of Health and Woodlands Trust to allow for the fact that Woodlands Trust was a mobile provider;
  3. To complete a minimum of 432 Follow-Ups per year (1-month; 3-months, 6-months and 12-months on treatment effectiveness on the Ministry of Health Dollars Lost measure; Control over Gambling measure and the Gambler Harm Screen measure. (Note that “Dollars Lost and Control Over Gambling measures were measures originally introduced in New Zealand by the Problem Gambling Purchasing agency (PGPA) and subsequently used by the Ministry of Health since 2004. Also, the Ministry of Health “Gambler Harm Screen” uses the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) originally developed as the Canadian Problem Gambling Index whose authors are Ferris, J., & Wynne, H. 2001). Our statistical results are reflective of Gamblers in this time period under the minimum 432 Follow-Up requirements per annum. In addition to Ministry of Health required measures to collect follow-up, Woodlands Trust under DR VICKI LIMITED also completed statistical analyses on clients change in Beck Depression, Beck Anxiety and Beck Hopelessness scores and a variety of other measures.
  4. In addition Woodlands Trust was contracted to have a Kaumatua; to have workforce development and to participate in research and evaluation. The Board of Woodlands Trust, at wind-up, was pleased to have met all Ministry of Health contracting requirements for the period 2004 until 2017 (apart from 130 Counselling Hours owing to the Canterbury Earthquake sequence) and to have successfully obtained a result for so many New Zealand clients since our inception in July 1999.


It should be noted that Woodlands Trust was licensed under DR VICKI LIMITED since 2001 to use all intellectual property and data-recoding and monitoring systems of DR VICKI LIMITED and consequently there are many more batches of statistical analyses of our effectiveness as a treatment provider in the period 1999 until December 2017. This website represents a small selection of the batches of statistical analyses of effectiveness of treatment obtained for clients.

Client statistical results for treatment effectiveness for Gamblers on Ministry of Health measures: Dollars Lost, Control over Gambling and the Ministry of Health Gambler Harm Screen are presented first. These results are contained in 1-Month; 3-Month, 6-Month and 12-Month Follow-Ups.

Client statistical results for treatment effectiveness for Gamblers on Beck Depression, Anxiety and Hopelessness Screens are presented second.