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Dealing With Grief and Bereavement

Grief and bereavement are how individuals respond to the loss of a loved one. Every person is unique in their response which will include psychological, physical, cognitive and social elements. Grief and bereavement counselling help people adjust to loss, understand the loss and to “work through” the loss in a healing way. Losses may not just relate to the loss of a loved one, a person may experience loss of a pet, loss of employment, loss of friends, loss of status etc.

The grief cycle

The grief cycle typically goes through four states which include (1) Denial; (2) Anger; (3) Depression and (4) Acceptance. Bereavement is the grieving process. Our relationships define us and who we are and our relationships become intimately intertwined into our self-concept. Thus when we lose a key relationship such as the loss of a loved one we lose an integral part of ourselves. Effective and personalised treatment focuses on the individual re-investing in the relationships he or she has left and defining a path forward. Healing and nurturing allow a person to move on.

Grief is normal

Grief is a normal reaction to the loss of a loved one and bereavement allows the person to experience the time required for grief and mourning. Every person is different in the time required to undertake the healing process and how each person undertakes the healing process will be unique to the individual concerned.

Dr Vicki Fowler offers grief and bereavement counselling for individuals who have experienced loss in their lives.

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